GHXST – Black Camaro

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Read my review for GHXST’s new single ‘Black Camaro’ over on Never Enough Notes.


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Quick and the Dead – For The Rhythm

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Photo courtesy of Tom Barnes 

After building up a following across the UK, Jersey based four-piece Quick and the Dead are ready to release their ferocious new EP For The Rhythm on June 6th.

From the word go this Jersey band are stating their claim in the music industry and doing it loudly. The opening song to this five-track EP starts at it means to go on. An infectious guitar riff, vocals that are full of attitude, an explosive fury of pounding drums and an addictive bassline, Get Scared exudes energy. With frontman Nick Baxter shouting “You’ve never heard a sound like this before”, it grabs hold of your senses and doesn’t let go. 

If you didn’t know otherwise then you would think this band had been around for years. Their sound is experienced and driven and can be seen to rival any UK or American pop-rock band. Yet Savaged and title track For The Rhythm manage to match this with a unique and refreshing stamp on a genre that needed awakening. Both tracks are high-energy in your face musical glimpses into what rock music should sound like; dynamic and exciting. 

In parts there is a mix of Feeder and Life of Agony with the hard edge of The Blackout creeping in to make Quick and the Dead a band to watch. Their songs are well constructed pieces of rock dynamite that show versatility and a passion for what they do.

For The Rhythm is powerful and dramatic, bringing rock music back to life and silencing those who said it was dead!

For more information about the band and for the forthcoming EP visit their website at: or their Twitter page at:!/QATD

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Isa and the Filthy Tongues – Dark Passenger

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Isa and the Filthy Tongues reviewed by me on, the review can be viewed here:

Label – Neon Tetra.

Released 22nd March
Listening to Isa and the Filthy Tongues is like taking a trip down memory lane, to a time when bands created a sound that was pure and void of the electronics that we have now become accustomed to. They take the simple combination of a woman and a man singin,g add it to memorable guitar riffs, give it a bit of country spice and the outcome is an album that is bordering on brilliance.

Opening track ‘Jim’s Killer’ is an echoing and gentle song which builds in tension and creates an appreciation for the vintage sound of melodic guitars and husky vocals gelling together.

The album exudes depth, be it in the deep meanings behind the lyrics or the eerie undertones in each song; it is an intensity that captivates your attention.

Isa (Stacey Chavis) with her rock chick voice injects bitterness into a gothic and haunting collection of songs that leave you feeling dirty. The soft gruffly quality to her voice creates a dominance and a presence that demands concentration.

‘New Town Killers‘ is a stand out track with upbeat pounding drums and simple guitars that breathes happy vibes into an album that has a reflective and moody label attached to it. It is an air of optimism and a pleasant change that shows a varied dimension to this band.

Isa and the Filthy Tongues are a breath of fresh air, a new mellow sound that takes you to the dark places that metal might usually invite you to.

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Forgot to do this when i started this blog.

Here is the link to my reviews that i write for

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Classic album: Placebo- Sleeping With Ghosts

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For me this album defines Placebo. They relish in pushing the boundaries and saying what they truly feel. It is this philosophy that has landed them the title of one of the most successful alternative rock bands in British music.

This 2003 release is centred on past relationships and carrying those memories (ghosts) with you into the future. As front man Brian Molko said himself: “The album is a collection of short stories about a handful of relationships that inhabit your dreams.”  Going three times platinum in France and entering at number 11 in the UK Album Charts securely put Placebo on the map.

Sleeping With Ghosts allows you to be mesmerised by Molko’s voice and fall into a state of reflection. The lyrics throughout this album have the ability to sink into your thoughts playing over and over in your mind. If that isn’t great song writing then I don’t know what is?

Each song is perfectly crafted and are examples of three guys working hard to create a sound that is unique and meaningful to them. The haunting ‘Special Needs’ is the stand out track on the album and today is still one of the favourites amongst fans. The poetic words and the whole simplicity in the sound capture the essence of a ballad. The song isn’t over complicated making it separate from the other songs on the album.

The upbeat ‘Second Sight’ shows the diversity of this band, to go from the slow mellow tones of ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’ and ‘I’ll Be Yours’ to this track that offers a new, less rock inspired direction.

If for some reason you have had your head stuck in a hole for the last ten years and you have never heard Placebo’s music before; then this album is not a bad place to start. It secured my passion for Placebo and made me pay attention to what they were trying to say. Each album offers something different, a story in the form of song and a chance to connect with Molko’s thoughts.

With them now being on album number six (excluding ‘Once More With Feeling’ the singles collection) you can’t help but fall in love with this band.

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Ke$ha – Animal

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After the success of ‘Tik Tok’ I had high expectations for ‘Animal’, the debut album from America’s latest offering, Ke$ha. A 22 year old who first found exposure by singing on Flo Rider’s single ‘Right Round’ and appearing in the video for ‘I Kissed A Girl’ by Katy Perry.

However the album falls short on every level. The songs are all the same manufactured sound that follow the same theme of parties, drinking and boys throughout. Her voice resembles a child and a very adolescent Avril Lavingne. ‘Party At A Rich Dude’s House’ proves this, the shouting backing vocals and the shocking lyrics, ‘I’m pissin’ in the Dom Pérignon’ and ‘I threw up in the closet. And I don’t care’, make you want to tear your ears off.

Not even a collaboration with 3OH!3 can rescue Ke$ha from the depths of a one hit wonder. ‘Blah Blah Blah’ gives the same as what ‘Tik Tok’ did. A pop track that screams please notice me.

Not only is it the awful lyrics that make her debut appear cheap and nasty it is the way she sings. Her pronunciation leaves you questioning what the hell did she just say?

The title of worst track off the album has to be given to ‘Dinosaur’. Singing the spelling of dinosaur makes it sound like a 90’s cheerleading film that went straight to DVD release.

Only time will tell if Ke$ha makes a mark on the music scene but this cd is only good for one thing; and that is for it to be used as a coaster.

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