Is rock music really dead?

January 12, 2011 at 11:28 am (Music News, Thoughts) (, , , , , , , , )

An article that appeared in the Guardian has caused a huge wave of responses from musicians and journalists alike after it stated that rock music was on its last legs.

Click here for the article.

Rock Sound have responsed and have posted over on their website the thoughts from members of bands and singers who believe what was written was a load of s**t.

As Gavin from The Blackout said: “Rock isn’t dead, talent is. All the songs in the charts are rehashed oldies with over auto-tuned bollocks over the top.” This I agree with, the article states that according to the charts the only big rock songs that had success in 2010 were Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing and Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine. Journey’s song only made it back in to the charts because of Glee, sad state of affairs that a song has to appear on a prime-time show to get recognised.

Surely out of all the genres of music rock is the one where chart positions aren’t important. Yes the charts are dominated by R ‘n’ B and American rappers and there is a lack of rock but for me its the gigs by my favourite rock artists that really matter. I’m sure members of Led Zeppelin or Deftones aren’t waiting by a radio on Sunday night to hear if their song or album had reached number one or not, of course a number one album isn’t something to say no to but its the fan base that attend their shows that I think they are more concerned about.

If rock music is dead as the article claims then why are festivals such as Sonisphere and Download doing so well?

The article is purely based on record sales and this is where the problem lies, just because rock music isn’t stating it’s claim in the charts doesn’t mean it’s dead!



  1. andrew said,

    rock is dead because of festivals like download. who wants to see tired old 80s metal bands or emo acts like lost prophets? rock needs to progress beyond leather blokes with tattoos singing about satan and then maybe it can capture a new audience. rock music is dead and boring its alrite when your a kid but get over it!!!!!

  2. Ben said,

    “who wants to see tired old 80s metal bands ”

    Well it would appear most people who like live music judging by the top grossing acts of last year! Nice try mate!

  3. Aimee Davis said,

    Difinitely agree with Ben, the thousands of people going to these festivals are telling a different story, they are proof that rock is very much alive.

  4. John said,

    where’s the new Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, David Lee Roth, or Axl Rose? Plant had the voice, Jagger the swagger, Dave the athletic, quick witted frontman, and Axl the angry rebel, (well, at least before Use Your Illusion). it’s strange, because rock was always the music of youth, that never sold out. Rap is al lthe rage, but rap artists would sell out their mothers if they could make a buck off it.

    • Aimee Davis said,

      Yeah I do tend to agree that there is a lack of frontmen that can command a stage like those in the past but I think people like Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and even people like Chino Moreno (Deftones) aren’t doing such a bad job. Even Bono still has the stage presence that enables him to have the audience eating at the palm of his hand.

      Axl however is a different matter, I don’t think anybody would want a musician nowadays that behaves the way he did.

      There are new rock bands emerging but at the moment I think they are being overshadowed by all the rap and hip hop artists.

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