Paramore departures turn sour

December 22, 2010 at 10:13 pm (Music News) (, , , )

The latest news to come to light since the Farro brothers left is that the “band became all about Hayley” and that she had a manager dictating her every move.

The full story is over on Rolling Stone.

Makes you question who to believe; did the brothers simply have enough and leave to explore new paths or has Miss Williams got slightly too big for her boots and is wanting it all to be about her?

Think it is just a matter of time before Paramore dissolve altogether and Hayley goes solo, will however be a great shame as Paramore are truely a great band; which other band has a female singer with a voice that powerful…none!


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  1. Jennifer Flores said,

    I feel really sad like “really” I just don’t know what to say…if it’s Haley that caused this split of their band it’s just not fair for ret of them I just feel very sad they rocked sooo much the old “paramore”!!:(

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