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July 11, 2010 at 12:12 am (Thoughts)

Surely the art of the critic is to put across their view in an informed manner, be it positive or negative. However when something is said that readers don’t agree on how is it right to attack the writer on a personal level? The ideology of freedom of expression tends to get thrown out of the window and instead a torrent of abuse is put in its place.

Reviewers end up having to defend their work and justify every word to those who don’t agree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion if you don’t agree with it then that is absolutely fine but to vent your grievance in a way that causes offence is simply wrong. It isn’t then about the review anymore but instead a war of words that draws attention away from the subject matter.

It tends to now be all about getting the most responses and comments on your work and causing high volumes of traffic to the site on which your work appears. Do we all just love a feud nowadays or are people genuinely so passionate about the subject matter that they feel the need to hurl abuse as an act of defence?


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