Music news (1st – 7th March)

March 7, 2010 at 4:12 pm (Music News) (, , )

This week has seen a case of playground fighting with The Sugababes as we know them now (Jade, Heidi and Amelle) vs ex band member Mutya. The two parties are fighting for the name and who should rightfully own it.

Mutya has filed a case for ownership which, if successful, would mean she has the right to use the name on CD’s, books and DVD’s.

Mutya has stated  “It kind of doesn’t make sense that there is Sugababes any more….her [Keisha] leaving doesn’t make it Sugababes really.

“The Sugababes have ended really, not in a bad way, but because there are no original people remaining.”

Keisha is said to be working on solo projects and hasn’t spoken out against the issue whereas Heidi has tried to play down the whole thing.

She told  BBC Newsbeat: “Our record company own the name Sugababes, so there’s no conversations about who owns the name.”

Elsewhere and away from an imminent catfight My Chemical Romance’s drummer Bob Bryar (first on the left) has left the band. The rest of the line up have wished him well but haven’t revealed the reason why or announced a replacement yet.

Lostprophets have announced two extra dates to their extensive UK tour as ‘pre-warm up’ shows before they play Cardiff Arena on 1st May.

Bournemouth O2 Academy – 28th April

Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall – 30th April

Have seen them once already on this tour and i’m going again to the Bournemouth date, would highly recommend seeing these guys as they put on one of the best live acts i have ever seen. They are truly phenomenal.

Tickets can be brought here:|artist=null&resultsperpage=20&filler1=see&filler2=art-srch&orderby=date,time



  1. Joshua Drew said,

    The sugarbabes are dead as far as the band members are concerned. The band now contains no original members whatsoever so how can they possibly hold the right to use the name created of a band of 3 completely different girls. It’s about time something like this kicked off. I can’t wait to see Mutya win this court case.

  2. han1989 said,

    In regards to the Sugarbabes, I kind of believe that unless Mutya Buena is definitely set to the use the bands title then it sort of seems like being petty for petty sake. However, on the other hand, I suppose with the three main members having left it is not really the original Sugarbabes anymore and therefore maybe the new members should have changed the title. Ultimately though I couldn’t really care less and it makes me wonder what else some of these celebrities have to do with their lives other than fight over silly titles of bands they are no longer in. Honestly, if they lived one day in the life of journalism student they would realise how busy and stressed out all our lives really are 😉

  3. hannahgale9 said,

    I really miss the original sugababes, well not Siobhan so much, she was a bit… well not as good. My favourite sugababes album is easily Three, and i am proud to admit i still listen to it. I heard a rumour the original girls were going to get back together, almost in competition with the newer “sexier” girls that replaced them.

    I hope the originals do get back together, and steal their name back. Though i have to agree it’s just a little bit petty. But i guess if you’re bored and craving attention, petty can be fun.

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