V Festival

March 1, 2010 at 8:26 pm (Music News) (, , )

Announced today Kings Of Leon, Florence and the Machine, The Prodigy, Kasabian, Paul Weller and Faithless will be playing the Chelmsford and Staffordshire sites making it one of the best years for festivals.  

Tickets are on sale this Friday (5th March) and will probably sell out just as quickly as what T in the Park did, so be fast.

Line up so far can be seen here: http://www.vfestival.com/lineup/index.html 

You can view these ‘big’ artists being confirmed for festivals in two ways: either it is a good way to see your favourite bands all in one place over a few days for one set price or it is one of the only ways to get these bands some money. As lets face it the music industry is in crisis, illegal downloading has caused album and single sales to plummet and the possible shutting of stations like ‘6 Music’ is stopping new bands getting heard.

Spotify is also causing problems for the future of music, why buy the latest album when you can hear it on Spotify a few days later?

How long will it be before the making of cd’s stop altogether and we will have no choice but to buy every song through iTunes?




  1. han1989 said,

    I have to confess, being a skint student and with temptation always getting the better of me, if I know where to find an album or a track that I want to download for free it is a major temptation to sneakily download it and hope it doesn’t bugger up your laptop in the process. Saying that I think it would be a real shame if CD’s stop being sold like you say altogether as there is something nice about keeping them and digging them out months or even years later. Thanks for the info on the line-up; I will have to have a cheeky look at that.

  2. charlottelily89 said,

    Yeah I agree here. I always download things off websites for free otherwise i would never be able to listen to it as i never have any money to buy things ( apart fromt booze and clothes ha)

    as for the festival line up. all the festivals have some siiiiiiiiick headliners. I wanna go T in the park for JAY ZZZZZZZZZZ !

  3. Aimee Davis said,

    I do tend to buy cd’s as i like having them in my possession but when i really am hard up i do rely on Spotify to fill the gap until i have money again.
    Also so much easier to just download now, but im always scared of downloading a virus as never have much luck with computers.

  4. Dannii Brennan said,

    i would of liked to of seen someone from the good old days, i think a lot of festivals are putting roxy music on this year, they would have been good

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