This week in music (8th – 14th)

February 14, 2010 at 4:12 pm (Music News) (, , , )


This week saw Muse and Stevie Wonder confirmed for Glastonbury 2010, making it one of the most exciting line ups in a good while.  The site also has announced that the summer festival will be there for at least another six years but with a year off for the  Olympics in 2012.

Liam Gallagher opened his big mouth again but this time in the firing line was Florence and the Machine. He stated: “I’m not having anyone with ginger hair making music…I’m sure she’s a nice girl but she sounds like someone has stood on her f****** foot.”  Liam when will you ever learn that you don’t have to criticise every single artist just to get yourself noticed, let your music do the talking.


Friday saw music blogs came under attack by Google, six were closed in total due to the apparent infringement of copyright. However the owners of the blogs stated that the record companies and managements had supplied the music hosted on their blogs and no copyright was involved.

As mentioned previously the biggest news of the week came from the Rage Against The Machine camp. With the announcement of a free gig to say ‘thank you’ for the number one spot at Christmas. Registration closes at midnight tonight (14th) so get registering.



  1. joshuadrewyou said,

    Gallagher is a loud mouthed incompetent idiot. Terribly sorry not all music follows the similar, dull tones Oasis incorporate into their songs but it gives him no excuse to become intolerant of talented artists when they (and the rest of the world) are completely (as horrifyingly difficult as it is) tolerant of a man who still dresses like he’s 20-years-old. On a plus note, Stevie Wonder for Glastonbury is quite possibly the best news ever!

  2. iwonawlodarczyk said,

    Apparently, Simon Cowell is keen to let Liam to take over his judging seat on the American Idol. He is only worried that the American viewers won’t understand his Manchester accent. I wonder if that’s really going to happen. It looks like Si is totally out of his mind after proposing to the love of his life (that happen to be his make-up artist) Mez. Being a judge on such show will take a lot of Liam’s time and effort. It’s a huge project and especially that he will be replacing the most important judge…… Oasis, be prepared for some drama!

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