Classic album: Placebo- Sleeping With Ghosts

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For me this album defines Placebo. They relish in pushing the boundaries and saying what they truly feel. It is this philosophy that has landed them the title of one of the most successful alternative rock bands in British music.

This 2003 release is centred on past relationships and carrying those memories (ghosts) with you into the future. As front man Brian Molko said himself: “The album is a collection of short stories about a handful of relationships that inhabit your dreams.”  Going three times platinum in France and entering at number 11 in the UK Album Charts securely put Placebo on the map.

Sleeping With Ghosts allows you to be mesmerised by Molko’s voice and fall into a state of reflection. The lyrics throughout this album have the ability to sink into your thoughts playing over and over in your mind. If that isn’t great song writing then I don’t know what is?

Each song is perfectly crafted and are examples of three guys working hard to create a sound that is unique and meaningful to them. The haunting ‘Special Needs’ is the stand out track on the album and today is still one of the favourites amongst fans. The poetic words and the whole simplicity in the sound capture the essence of a ballad. The song isn’t over complicated making it separate from the other songs on the album.

The upbeat ‘Second Sight’ shows the diversity of this band, to go from the slow mellow tones of ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’ and ‘I’ll Be Yours’ to this track that offers a new, less rock inspired direction.

If for some reason you have had your head stuck in a hole for the last ten years and you have never heard Placebo’s music before; then this album is not a bad place to start. It secured my passion for Placebo and made me pay attention to what they were trying to say. Each album offers something different, a story in the form of song and a chance to connect with Molko’s thoughts.

With them now being on album number six (excluding ‘Once More With Feeling’ the singles collection) you can’t help but fall in love with this band.


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