A little fish in a huge pond!

February 9, 2010 at 8:23 pm (Thoughts)

My mind recently has been plagued with concerning thoughts over the fact that in just over a year i would have finished my degree and will have no income, no job and no guarantee of a job in my chosen field.

It is this that, since the start of second year, has made me desperately try and build up my CV with reviewing cd’s,gigs and bands, as lets face it a degree doesn’t really get you anywhere nowadays.

Think how many students there are with a degree working behind a checkout or serving your dinner in a restuarant trying to get a break, a degree means nothing without a portfolio of experience behind your belt.

This however is easier said than done. The waiting lists for music magazines are ridiculous, everyone is in the same position scrambling to get their foot through the (in my case) music industry’s door.

I will continue writing reviews for free and for fanzines for the reason of building up my CV and determination i am sure will eventually pay off and i will be a reviewer for an established music magazine and one day the editor.

I suppose we all have dreams but making these reality is another story.


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  1. Sirena Bergman said,

    My thoughts exactly (almost). You should read the article in the Times yesterday and let me know what you think http://sirenabergman.blogspot.com/

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